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Water bills sent out on March 3rd DO NOT represent the adjusted buills for the mandatory let-run notice. These meter readings were taken the day the notice was announced. and represent actual readings. These bills were adjusted ONLY IF YOU WERE CONTACTED TO RUN YOUR WATER PRIOR TO THE FEBRUARY 13th TOWN-WIDE LET-RUN NOTICE BEING ISSUED. The bills issued on May 1st will be estimated readings to accommodated for the let-run consumptions. KEEP YOUR WATER RUNNING!

Attn: Lake Linden residents and other water consumers...please run your water! If you pay your bill at the Lake Linden Village Hall, you are being asked to keep one faucet running 24/7 (not just dripping), the stream of water should be no bigger than the diameter of a pencil. You will need to keep it running for several weeks, you will be told when to turn it off - one or two sunny days will not change the ground temp enough to remove the freezing risk. Your bill will be based on past usage, so you aren't paying for water that is just going down the drain. If you have a well or pay your bill somewhere else (for example, to Michigan American Water) this run notice is NOT for you. The village is asking this of its water users, to prevent freezing pipes as it is dangerous to thaw frozen pipes. Thank you!

Please note, the Village Council meeting will now be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at 6:30pm at the Village Hall. The next meeting will be on April 18th.

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Information contained on this website is updated frequently but may not be as current as information at the Village Hall. Therefore, information contained herein is for informational purposes only and should be verified by contacting the Village Clerk's Office at
906-296-9911 or visiting at 401 Calumet Street, Lake Linden, MI 49945.
last updated: 03/26/2014